Where to buy TOWNEW T1 and the refills? - TOWNEW Help Center

Where to buy TOWNEW and the refills?

Please make sure you order the correct type of refill for your TOWNEW

If you're in Canada, Europe, or the United Kingdom, you can order from here

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    • What countries do you ship to?

      The USA Canada Europe The United Kingdom
    • How can I track my order?

      After you complete your order, we will send you a tracking number by email so that you can track your order. If you didn't get an email with a tracking number, you can contact our support, then we'll help you track your order.
    • TOWNEW Dimension

      TOWNEW T1 Dimension Size of the T1 & T Air Lite Opening When the lid is opened, the height of the TOWNEW is about 27 inches. TOWNEW T Air Lite Dimension TOWNEW T3 Dimension Size of the T3 Opening
    • TOWNEW Model Comparison & Specification

      Right now, there are 3 TOWNEW models you can choose from, including TOWNEW T1, TOWNEW T Air Lite, and TOWNEW T3. We are working on the big model right now. If you're interested, we suggest you join our newsletter at www.townew.us so that you can get ...
    • Is TOWNEW eco-friendly?

      TOWNEW trash bag actually reduces the wasted plastic more than the regular trash bag because our sealing technology ensures that no material is wasted when in use which can help keep more plastic out of the landfills, air, and oceans. Moreover, we ...