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When and how to charge the battery of TOWNEW T1 properly

If your TOWNEW T1 is continuously beeping a sound and the light is flashing when you open the lid, it means your TOWNEW T1 is running out of battery. So, it’s time to charge the battery. Charge your TOWNEW T1 for about 10 hours while keeping it turned on with a TOWNEW charger. During charging the light will look like it’s breathing. Once the battery is fully charged, the light will be turned off. Then, you can unplug your TOWNEW from the power outlet.
Do not use other chargers than the TOWNEW charger because it may defect the battery.

Each 10-hour full charge should last for about a month, but for maintenance, we highly recommend you charge TOWNEW T1 once a week to prevent the battery to be out-of-power because the battery can be damaged when it's drained.

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