What is the bag capacity? - TOWNEW Help Center

What is the bag size for TOWNEW trash can?

Bag Size
4 gallons
4.3 gallons
3.5 gallons

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    • What makes TOWNEW different from other trash can?

      TOWNEW can make taking out the trash to be simpler, easier, and cleaner. With a touch of a button, TOWNEW will seal the bag and put the new bag on place. You just need to take out the sealed trash bag. That's it! No bad smell, no spill, no need to ...
    • Can I use any regular trash bags on TOWNEW?

      The TOWNEW trash bag has a distinctive shape to enable the self-sealing and self-replacing features to work. Therefore, you will have to use TOWNEW refill rings. Here's the shape of the bag inside the refill ring. To change the refill ring is really ...
    • How to seal and replace the bag on TOWNEW T1

      Touch and hold the front button for about 3 seconds until you hear the beep sound twice. Then, TOWNEW T1 will seal the bag for you. In case you have overflowing trash on your TOWNEW T1, TOWNEW T1 also has an Overflow feature where the top compartment ...
    • Cannot seal the bag of TOWNEW T Air Lite

      First, please try to check if there's any trash that got jammed on the location of the sealing. If yes, please clean that up, and then try to seal again. If the problem remains, please contact our support team and provide us with the following ...
    • How to change the bag refill / liner ring of TOWNEW T Air Lite

      Make sure you get the correct type of refill ring. For TOWNEW T Air Lite, you'd need T1/T Air Lite Refill Ring. There are 2 options of bags for TOWNEW T Air Lite, including regular bags and biodegradable bags.   Shop TOWNEW T1/T Air Lite Refill ...