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TOWNEW T1 button doesn't work

In most cases, the button may not work because of the low battery power. So, make sure that your charger works properly, and then please fully charge your TOWNEW T1 for about 10 hours. It should've solved the issue.

After that, if the button still doesn't work properly, please follow the following instruction to reset the button. Touch and hold the button, then power off your TOWNEW T1. Wait for about 5 seconds while keep holding the button, and then power on your TOWNEW. Once your TOWNEW is on, you can take your hand off the button, and then the button should work normally again.

If the problem remains, please contact our support team and provide us with the following information.
1. Proof of defect in the form of a video that shows:
  1. Your TOWNEW T1 is being plugged into the power and the power switch is ON
  2. You touch the button
2. Photo of the label in the bottom part of your TOWNEW T1.
3. S/N number on the bottom of the trash can. Please see the picture below to see the location of the S/N number. 

4. Your proof of purchase, detailed address, and phone number. 
5. Could you check whether your TOWNEW T1 charger works properly? Have you charged your TOWNEW T1 for about 10 hours? Here's how to test your charger
6. The color of your TOWNEW T1.

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