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    • Can TOWNEW be used in a pull-out drawer?

      For this use scenario, we'd recommend the TOWNEW T Air Lite because it doesn't have a lid so it can be placed under a cabinet without any issue. The height of T Air Lite is 13.1 inches, so it should be easy to find a space under the cabinet. Yet, the
    • Lid doesn't open.

      Hell, I bought my T1 about a year and a half ago. I charge it, set it, and am able to change bags, but the lid doesn't open. I re-set it according to the directions in the manual, but the sensor doesn't work, and the lid won't open. I've cleaned the unit,
    • How to change the battery of TOWNEW?

      Please don't change the battery yourself because disassembling the unit can void the warranty. If you have any issues with your TOWNEW, please reach out to the TOWNEW support team so that we can help you fix your TOWNEW. Contact the TOWNEW support team
    • I lost my charging cord or power adapter. Where can I purchase it?

      To get the right new charging cord or power adaper for your TOWNEW model, please contact TOWNEW support team and provide them with the following information to speed up the resolution process. 1. TOWNEW product label located under the trash can 2. TOWNEW
    • Is there a larger size of TOWNEW?

      Right now we only have the 4-gallon size of TOWNEW. But, we will release a larger model in Fall 2020. We suggest you join our newsletter or follow our social media for updates. Join the newsletter Follow us 
    • Replacement for refill ring cover for T1?

      Hello, I can't find my refill ring cover for my T1 trash can. Is there any way I can get a replacement? The refill ring cover is what you put on top of the refill ring to seal any gaps between the lid and the refill ring.
    • Can't buy a refill rings

      Townew is not officially present in my country but it was never a problem to buy it. There were plenty of local sellers offering the refill rings. But now there is none, the rings are out of stock everywhere. I tried aliexpress, but there's only one seller
    • Battery not fully charging

      I charged the trash can for more than 10 hours now and the LED is still "breathing". Why is the battery not getting fully charged? Is there something wrong with the battery? According to the manual, the LED should turn off when its fully charged. I also
    • Bin lid not closing

      The blue light inside my bin doesn't light up. The bin is able to open and close in manual mode by pressing the button once to open, and another time to close. But in automode, the sensor only opens the lid. then a few seconds later while still open, it beeps quickly many times. I tried to long press the button to seal the bag and it beeps in a pattern beep2x, beep 4x, beep 4x. It's strange. I cannot find any article or in the manual what the error beep means and how to fix it. 
    • Lid opens & closes constantly.

      I love the Townew bin. But it keeps on opening and closing without stopping after the sensor picks up any movement by my hand. I need to force close the bin for it to stop this process. Is there a way to reset the bin?  I've added a video.
    • Can beeps every once in a while for no reason

      I have a TOWNEW can in my office at work, and it works just fine, but it still beeps at me during the day and I can't seem to figure out why. Nothing seems to be broken, it's still closing and sealing bags fine, but it still beeps. This happens whether
    • Battery Dead

      So I have two townew trash cans and they are great. One is working just fine - however, the other will not remain powered unless it is plugged in, and even if plugged in - it only operates the lid. The sealing feature doesn't work. I can't unplug it, or nothing will work. What are some troubleshooting steps or has anyone else seen this issue? Thanks in advance.
    • How to Keep odors sealed in when open

      Your 4-gallon size Townew trash will fit the small kitchen in my NYC apartment perfectly. if and when you design the special attachable cover that will seal the odor in whenever the lid is opened will you make one for the 4-gallon size please? 
    • Opening and closing randomly

      My tonew worked fine for the first week or more. Then suddenly, it started to randomly just open and close with no one close to it. I unplugged it, re-set power, etc., but it still does it. Any ideas? Is there a way to re-set it that I have not tried? Thanks for any feedback! I have attached a video...
    • Is it safe to leave it in "open mode"?

      Id like to leave it in open mode so that the lid stays open.  Is that safe or will it ruin the motor?  
    • Ideas to make townew better

      Add other trash bag colors.
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    • How to interpret the light changes on TOWNEW T1

      Solid light: TOWNEW T1 is in stand by mode if the light looks like this after you open the lid with the sensor. Blinking and beeping light: TOWNEW T1 is low in battery if it blinks and beeps after you open the lid with the sensor. So, it’s time to ...
    • When and how to charge the battery of TOWNEW T1 properly

      If your TOWNEW T1 is continuously beeping a sound and the light is flashing when you open the lid, it means your TOWNEW T1 is running out of battery. So, it’s time to charge the battery. Charge your TOWNEW T1 for about 10 hours while keeping it ...
    • Quick Start Guide for setting up your TOWNEW T1

      Important safety instruction For indoor use only. If you want to put TOWNEW T1 under a desk or sink, please make sure that there is a 35cm distance above TOWNEW T1 and a 10cm distance besides TOWNEW T1 so that the lid sensor won't be triggered and ...
    • Each refill ring contains up to 25 bags, what does that mean?

      The TOWNEW trash bag has a distinctive shape to enable the self-sealing and self-replacing features to work. Here's the shape of the bag inside the refill ring. TOWNEW T1 has 2 sealing types, including the Regular Sealing that will seal for about ...
    • Cannot open the lid with the sensor

      First, try to clean the infra-red sensor located on top of T3, and then tap the button to check if your T3 is in Open-lid mode that causes the button to deactivate. Tapping the button will reactivate the Auto-sensing mode. If the issue remains, ...